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Our Philosophy

At Pluck & Swagger, we believe that it shouldn’t have to be a choice between buying a new handbag and paying the rent. Our company was founded on a commitment to providing beautifully crafted handbags at accessible prices, creating a unique online experience, cultivating a community of strong, like-minded individuals and embracing a tradition of honoring women. We also firmly believe in the importance of delighting our customers. This belief infuses every aspect of our business and informs our day-to-day work.

A Commitment to Form & Function at Accessible Prices
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but handbags are her most loyal. Beyond being an accessory to complement an outfit, handbags also carry the essentials of our daily lives. At Pluck & Swagger, we not only embrace form, but we also focus on how we can stretch our designs to provide added function and utility…all at accessible prices.

Creating a Unique Online Experience
At Pluck & Swagger, we strive to give you a smooth and enjoyable online shopping experience. We understand the importance of providing you with as much information as possible on each handbag. For this reason, you will find a selection of high-quality photos, a detailed listing of features and a description that we hope captures the essence of the product. We also offer a 360° view of each handbag, allowing you to rotate and examine it carefully.

Cultivating a Community of Swaggerettes
More than ever before, brands today have the ability to bring together like-minded individuals. Through our presence on various social media platforms, we hope to draw together strong, driven women who not only share a passion for thoughtful design but also seek ways to make a lasting impression in their work and beyond.

How do you recognize a fellow Swaggerette? She’ll be the one with pluck in her step and swagger in her style.

Embracing a Tradition of Honoring Women
At Pluck & Swagger, we've followed the time-honored tradition of naming our handbags after women of tremendous elegance and grace. When choosing the names, however, we didn't turn to the pages of glossy fashion magazines or look to the silver screen for famous faces with equally famous monikers. In fact, we didn’t have to look far to find inspiration. The names you will find here are those of the women without whose support and encouragement our brand would not have moved from a delicate hope to an html-coded reality.

You may have heard of the Birkin Bag, the Kelly or the Gisele, but at Pluck & Swagger, you will find the Marian, the Isha and the Daniela. We all have women in our lives worthy of being icons. Here we pay tribute to a few of ours.

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